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Happy New Year 2018 from Gandara Spa ✨ #gandaraspa #batubersurat #newyear2018 #greeting

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“We know that diamonds can make us giddy with excitement. But, what happens when they are pulverized, and we can apply them to our skin? This crystal-clear Diamond Serum is absorbed without a trace, leaving the skin looking smoother, healthier and firmer. Also not bad, right?” – Style Magazin, the biggest Swiss fashion, beauty and celebrity magazine.

Good Morning peeps.... Have a great day ahead🌞🤗😘 #skindeepBrunei

BIO ORGANIX - Colon Cleansing, Complete Nutrients Bio Organix is a complete health supplement providing all the necessary nutrients in a complete diet. formulated by Dr. Jessie Chung, MD. Every ingredient in Bio Organix is well chosen and perfectly arranged in proportion to the body’s requirement and perfect for colon cleanse and detoxification in general. Functions - Supply the body with the most complete nutrients, including vitamins and minerals - Discharge toxins and coprolith out from the colon – hydrotherapy - Replenish cells - Enhance the immune system - Promotes metabolism - Enhance memory - Body slimming - Regulate blood sugar and blood pressure - Lowering blood cholesterol level [email protected] The Mall 1st Floor (next to TKT) Brunei.

🍃【皮肤修复专家】~你的皮肤是否和她一样,激素依赖皮炎💔角质层薄💔红血丝泛滥💔经常泛红💔易敏感甚至爆豆! 这都是因为长期使用☠铅汞超标,☠激素产品,还有美容院的☠三无产品导致的!如果你的皮肤和她一样看,赶紧用麦吉丽基因修复啫喱排毒修复一下吧!麦吉丽基因修复啫喱是专门拯救这样的皮肤的!

Once again DeStress is celebrating its 14th Anniversary!! To celebrate come try our extra special celebratory offers as thanks for the tremendous support you have all shown.

Assalamualaikum semua promo sempena jubli emas ke 50 tahun 1 botol tsamarat $50.00, 2 botol $95.00 bermula 8 October 2017 sehingga 12 October 2017

Nikmati kasehatan tanpa ubat, pengunaan asas cuma sarung stokin 8 jam waktu tidor malam dan minum air bersih sekurang-kurangnya 8 gelas sehari dan bagi yg ada masaalah buah pinggang minum seadanya

Wangian Kasturi Syifa dan wangian Carsturi Syifa kini kembali lagi. Dapatkannya segera sementara stok masih ada. Sila hubungi 8141794

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