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Some people still say they cant belive it, but its true Jankeh s Beauty Salon have the best beauty products in the Gambia. If you have not been in a London beauty salong yet, pas by and you will see the same products and enjoy the same service..

@E&J s Boutique 2016-01-04

Thanks for all your comments and likes about the shop we have open a new shop called my shop and will be closing this one. You are all well come to check us and anything i can do to help just send me text thanks.

@La Shafiq 2015-09-09

Get your massage done by an electronic chair at #LaShafiq

Our new website on betterplace.org is online: check out at https://www.betterplace.org/en/projects/20774-a-loo-for-you-toilets-for-west-africa