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I don’t have curly or voluminous hair (unlike most people I know that regularly get a Keratin treatment) so I was a bit worried that my hair might be super flat or crazy straight if I got Keratin. With my curiosity outweighing my fear of flat hair, off I went to Keratinbar to see what happens when someone with “normal” hair gets a Keratin treatment. After one wash my mind was set at ease, and I can’t remember the last time my hair was this silky or shiny! It’s raining and seriously humid in New York today and looking at my hair one would never know. The K-Gloss treatment is my new hair hero and I will absolutely be setting up a second appointment at Keratinbar in a few months. For more about my visit, what I learned, and some SWEET deals — keep reading… What You Need to Know Before You Go: If you color your hair or need a haircut: If you color your hair get it done the same day or wait until two weeks after you get a Keratin. If you need a haircut, get it before (you can get it the same day) or wait at least two weeks after you get a Keratin. Why you want to wait two weeks after to cut or color your hair: The Keratin process is sealed into the hair shaft with a special flatiron. When you cut your hair or open the pores with hair dye, you are essentially opening the hair shaft and you’ll want to have your hairstylist iron your hair again to reseal it. If you’re going on vacation: Try to schedule your Keratin treatment two weeks prior to your vacation. Chlorine from swimming in a pool is totally fine, but the high levels of sodium in ocean water can strip the keratin in your hair. What I Learned About Keratin: Our hair naturally has keratin in it. Getting the K-Gloss puts the keratin back into the hair, making it stronger, softer, and easier to manage. The collagen in the treatment adds sheen to the hair. There’s been a lot of hoopla about the use of formaldehyde in Keratin treatments, but if you’re going to Keratinbar you need not worry. The permissible limit of formaldehyde (as set by OSHA) is .75, but Keratinbar keeps theirs at .01 Who Should Have It Done: Anyone can get it (and now that I’ve had it I think everyone should)! Depending on your hair, you can either get the 24 hour or same day treatment. The length of time refers to how long you have to leave your hair before you can wash it. Having “normal” (wavy, not thick) hair, I went with the 24 hour Keratin treatment What The Process Is Like: After your hair is washed and blown dry, the Keratin is applied. I had expected a series of products, but all it takes is one (or one and a half if you have thick or extra long hair) little spray bottle of product spritzed on until your hair is completely covered. My scalp felt a bit tingly at first (not bad or painful at all, just… tingly), but that only lasted the first few minutes. Once the product is applied, it is blown dry for the second time. The last step involves having your hair flat ironed to seal in the Keratin, making your hair the straightest it has ever been! How Long Does It Take: 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. How Much Does It Cost: Prices vary from salon to salon, but you can always snag a great deal on As a matter of fact, Beauty readers in NYC and these other areas can enjoy these perks NOW:

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Every salon runs a bit differently, but the goal of many clients is the same: to escape for a few hours and relax under the hands of a professional. That doesn’t always happen when confusions about types of service, discounts applied, and scheduled appointment times arise. To that end, Keratinbar would like to set out some guidelines so you may know what to expect upon your next visit. Our general policy is as follows: In order to provide the most ideal atmosphere possible, we ask that our clients be courteous to each other and the salon staff. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is disruptive to other clients’ salon experience. As such, adhering to scheduled appointments helps us make your experience at Keratinbar as flawless as possible. If you do need to cancel or reschedule, as much advance notice as possible is greatly appreciated so we may better serve other clients. Excessive lateness may result in a cancellation of your appointment, so it’s always best to call us at 646.918.6837 or email [email protected] What you can expect from your treatment: Full-price cut services do include a full blow-dry and style. All full-price color and highlights services include a blow-dry and style As colorists, we sometimes need to apply a toner in order to enhance warm colors or counteract brassiness. Often previously colored hair will not lift to the desired tone, in which case added toner will restore balance and help achieve the specific color you desire. This service is provided at the discretion of your colorist and is an additional $50 As for gratuities, determining the appropriate amount can lead to tricky waters. While a gratuity is customary for good service, the amount is always left to the discretion of our clients. However, it is customary to calculate gratuity based on the full price of service, before any deals or discounts have been applied. The best way to show your appreciation is to calculate an amount which corresponds to your stylist’s level of training. At this time, gratuities cannot be charged to your credit card.

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Long V Short These A-List hair chameleons have changed up their style from long lengths to short crops over the years. But which do you prefer? If you re thinking about cutting your hair from a long to a short style; you should check this out first. Whether it s hairstyle inspiration for long hairstyles or short crop inspiration you re after, these celebrities have tried both lengths. Which do they suit better? You decide!

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At this special time of year, we’d like to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season. Thank you for your business

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The protein might be too small to see with the naked eye, but keratin has a big task: keeping hair straight and strong. Lose too much of it, and hair starts to turn frizzy and tangle into the wor caat s where Keratinbar comes in. The stylists here specialize in restoring that vital protein to each strand on their clients heads. In just a couple of hours, they use the formaldehyde-free Keratin system to return hair to its healthy, flowing state. This type of transformation has become the signature at Keratinbar s New York City locations, but the stylists have also mastered other services you d expect from premier salons: cuts, highlights, colors, and everything in between.

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Go Behind the scenes with K-Gloss The LIVE WEBCAST is on bi-weekly beginning FEB, 2016 includes FREE EDUCATION, LIVE DEMONSTRATION and INTERACTIVE Q&A. To register please email : [email protected]

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K-Gloss smoothing treatments are explicitly formulated for clients with frizz-prone hair regardless of the texture, types or color-treated locks they sport!

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